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Are you afraid of being “infected” by kowid?

Have you been inoculated one or more times and are worried about your health?

Do you have side effects and nothing seems to help?

Do you need a more holistic and comprehensive approach to protect yourself from nanotechnology?

Are you looking for a 5G electromagnetic wave protection system?

Do you feel you want to make a more spiritual contribution to get out of this situation all together?

Then download for free my guide “How to Protect From Kowid, Detoxify from Vaxxinnes and Eliminate this Pandemic at its Roots”  where you will find unofficial information and useful and natural tips to regain your health and our life, the one full of freedom, love and safety. If you don’t want to read, you can see what is the best solution
in the spanish website or in the italian website.

As a Naturopath I can offer you a personalized diet, targeted supplements to protect and detoxify your body and advice to strengthen your immune system.

You can contact me by visiting this page.

None of the information contained in the above mentioned Guide can be interpreted as medical advice nor is it a substitute for any type of medical, pharmacological or psychological therapy, much less medical advice (see Disclaimer).
☆ This is not a doctor’s office and we do not provide diagnoses or therapies!
☆ I am not a doctor, and neither my opinions, nor the advice and suggestions given here, replace the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, common sense and free will of anyone who wants to follow these suggestions, let alone the evaluation by doctors and / or specialized and competent personnel.
☆ Everything I share is based on public information available on the net from specialized people and nothing replaces the information of those who are competent (doctors and doctors mentioned).
☆ I also specify that I do not derive any personal interest and / or gain from any of the above information. My intention is only to share my knowledge and positive experiences by contributing to objective and non-partisan information, complementary to the common one, so that everyone can form their own personal opinion and proceed according to their own free will. I encourage everyone to do further research on their own.
☆ I reserve the right to change my opinion on the matter and to modify this information over time, depending on the new knowledge that emerges.
☆ Without guarantee of completeness. This information is based on my reading, research and personal experience and opinion. I reserve the right to express myself freely according to the current right of freedom of expression and speech.
☆ Under no circumstances am I responsible for the use, nor for any resulting consequences, of this information by anyone.

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