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What do you want to accomplish with your spiritual path?

There are so many different schools and paths to realize the same truth about who we are, and the choice depends on which teaching you are attracted to. One of the most common mistakes that slows down one’s evolution for years is jumping from one spiritual teaching to another, looking for an answer or an inner experience that is hard to come by.

For anything in life to grow, even in the inner world, stability is needed. How does a child grow up when parents have an unstable and a conflictual relationship?
The same thing happens with our Christ seed, which requires teaching, methods
and a lifestyle that can nourish it, so that one day, in a lifetime, it will manifest itself in its fullness inside of us.

For me this teaching is that of Master Mikhael Aivanhov, who puts the sunrise meditation and the practice of harmony, purity and unconditional love at the center of his practices.

If you are interested in a spiritual practice suited to our european heritage, where connection and identification to our Higher Self (to the Christ) is the primary goal, follow me on my YouTube channel where I share a little bit of everything I have. learned in life, and if you like what you feel, I invite you to spend a wellness holiday in the Canary Islands with me for a small intensive of spiritual growth.

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